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    "Life is 100% About Happiness, And To Be Happy You Must Be Healthy"
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What I Can Do for You:

I teach my clients to make healthy choices in life and make working out and eating right a way of life. My goal is to make it easy for you to meet your fitness goals with motivation and accountability.

  • Personal Training in a small group setting in a private gym
  • One-on-One training in a private gym. (Limited space)
  • Convenient mobile app training with personalized exercises and instructional videos.
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Our Private Workout Facility


For those clients who don't live close to the Sugarhouse area or prefer to workout on their own I have developed a convenient fitness app! You will get the same personalized workout plan you would if you met with me in-person and the same accountability factor. Each exercise has an instruction video you can watch right in the gym before you perform the exercise so there's no question about correct form or number of reps. You will track your own reps and weights so you can track progress. I will know when you check in for a workout and can see your progress and jump in and give you motivation when needed.

Many of my clients prefer this method as it allows more flexibility with workout times without sacrificing an intense workout, progress tracking and someone to answer to.

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